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kinda sorta copypaste

I'm just gonna quote a whole tumblr entry by ctcsherry (I think her LJ and DA usernames are the same) because I agree with all of it. Especially that bit about icons:


That awkward moment when you see your art pops up on your dash

I have said this many times in different places. I’m ok with my fanarts being reposted and reblogged as long as source is given. I’m not even picky about where - LJ, dA, pixiv, tumblr. Doesn’t matter. 

Ok you got the image somewhere on the internet and don’t know source. I see pieces I recognize on my dashboard and I message the OP directly and ask to please include source. It’s very easily done on tumblr I even included the post link to save you the trouble of finding your own 49035890384 posts. (Thank to those who replied me and have done so, you guys have my complete appreciation).

Nothing happens. Ok there’s not much I can do about people who ignore my little request, but I do have the freedom to call these people out.

How many times do you see notes asking “who drew this I want to know”? Artists spent minutes to hours to days drawing a picture, and bloggers have the enjoyment of blogging these pictures (for the purpose of having fun, socializing, sharing etc) for a fraction of that time spent. Bloggers, don’t you think we deserve at least a source? Should we all just start slapping ugly watermarks on every single picture instead? 

It only bugs me even more that people are actively crediting those who make icons, but not the artists the icons are cropped from. Not to mention those reposted arts that gets freaky colors and editing or horribly squished and blurred after re-uploading onto some image sharing webspace.

Even though it might become useless effort in the end, I’m going to continue sending different OPs sources of my own and artists I know of, when I see that the source of the picture is someone else.

Commissions (not from me though)

Help out an awesome artist who could really use the help right now.

More info about her and her commission prices over here on her Tumblr

Drawing demos

I'll be doing a drawing demo from 4 to 5:30 pm Friday, April 1, at the Santa Maria library. I do enjoy it when people show up.

More libraries and dates incoming.

In other news, I'm halfway done with the Impact book. Four more chapters to go!

Hi there! Remember me?

Haven't posted in a while... no surprise right? Well, it's a new year, so maybe I'll end up posting more.

There was nothing worth posting about anyway... for about half of 2010, I was feeling very unproductive, uncreative, and just... didn't know if I should keep pursuing illustration yadda yadda. I was really unmotivated and had a lot of self-doubt and bzuh feelings.

It took moving out, lots of advice/support from my brother, and weirdly enough, learning lessons from Joan River's documentary and various interviews with stand-up comedians to bring me back to a positive state of mind.

So I wanted to start 2011 with a fresh outlook, to really pursue a career that makes me happy, and to get rid of my self-doubt. I still get anxious and negative at times, but I'm getting better at talking myself out of it. That's a work in progress.

LJ FRIENDS! If you have tumblr accounts, LINK ME. I am there all the time. If I could live on the dash, I would. Also, I read your entries ok? Even though I rarely reply (I am bad at that. Worse at email). I am a lurker at heart.


So this month has been busy. Especially the past two weeks through this weekend.

Got another book contract with Impact, and I will be working with the awesome aviy . Actually, I worked with her on the last one, too. She just wasn't officially credited. She will be this time!

Started working as a framer at Michaels again. Steady job looks good on house/apt. applications. And more money for rent is always a plus. I seem to be getting more hours at the store than I expected, which is kind of a good/bad thing.

My grandparents moved into the house. So there's five people living in a not so large house. Which is why I want to leave sooner than later. Yay for my bro who I'm going to be living with in San Luis Obispo.

We didn't get a place we really liked so I was bummed (4 other applicants ugh). The rental search is back in full swing. Looking for a place to live is hard. Correction... Looking for a place to live with our budget is hard.

So yeah... between the rental search, cleaning/prepping for a major garage sale this Saturday, adjusting to the grandparents in the house (thank god I escaped to SLO today), 25-30 hours a week at Michaels, getting stuff ready for AA and panel for a con (also this Saturday), and the new Impact book (I really need to get started on that page plan), I've been busy.

Maybe needlessly stressed because I am bad at this multitasking thing. And am not so good at time management. I know I've been irritable for the last week even though I was trying not to be. Thursday was probably one of the lamest birthdays ever. Maybe I'll do some celebrating tonight.

Cant wait for September. Going to San Francisco with my brother on 9/3 thank god. Then we're taking our parents away for a long weekend in SF a few weeks after that. They deserve some funtimes. My parents are good peoples and need a break.

cheapo doujinshi~~

Moving is happening! Obligatory stuff removal!
Reborn, D.grayman and Hetalia doujinshi

Buying info and pics go hereCollapse )



(she is staring into your SOUL)


Freaked out about this yesterday on Twitter.

Shojo Fashion is now available in French! Impact sent me a couple books. The cover's different (so much pink) and the inside is all... French XD

little things~

I have sketches I'm too lazy to scan (scanning takes so much effort mang). so here are some SD chibi thingamabobs

and away we gooooCollapse )